About me

This is the personal blog of myself, Curtis W. DeGidio. I've been a software developer for over ten years, focusing primarily on web development. I've created this site as a place to write on the many topics that I enjoy, such as programming, traveling, fleeting thoughts, table-top role-playing games, or whatever else suits me.

This site has gone through many iterations. What I have been striving for the last few years is something that is simple and easy to maintain. I've stumbled upon Astro, a static site generator that is easy to work with and lets me focus on writing instead of working with a full-feature CMS. I currently work in Adobe Experience Manager for my regular job and don't like bringing that complexity home with me 🤣.

Another goal of this website is to "learn in public." I've always enjoyed watching folks openly share their learning journeys. When I was completing my BSCS, I wish I had done more to document how I was growing as a developer. Currently I am working on my MSCS and want to do more in keeping a journal of how I'm doing and what I am learning.


As a developer, what are your interests?

As I mentioned I've been a developer for many years. Although I have worked in the web development for a long time as a front-end developer (HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, Express, React, Angular, etc), I've spent the last few years working as a full-stack developer (adding Java, Spring/Spring Boot to my skill set). I also enjoy working with SQL and databases. I like experimenting with containers and writing my own APIs, my most recent being an API to support an iOS application I am working to bring to the App Store.

You like to travel. Where have you been?

I've been everywhere man...😆. Recently I went to Italy to visit the town where my family is from, San Polo Matese. This included stops in Rome, Pompeii, and Amalfi. I go to the Caribbean frequently as I love scuba diving whenever I get the chance. I've been to Puerto Rico, Cayman Brac, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. Future trips I am planning are another trip to Italy, a river boat trip on the Amazon River, and Morocco. Here in the States, I like getting up to the Pacific Northwest whenever I can. I think the hiking in the Mount Rianier area is some of the best the US offers.

What role-playing games do you enjoy?

I'm a big fan of the old-school renaissance movement in the gaming community. My favorite game to play is BECMI Dungeons & Dragons. I really enjoy the cleaned up B/X D&D rules of Old-School Essentials. Other systems I have played and would love to get back to are Cyberpunk 2020 or Red, old-school Shadowrun, and Call of Cthulhu. I also enjoy war games, my favorite being the Command & Colors Ancients series.